Residential Water Quality & Supply

Drinking water quality will be significantly impacted by the state’s Bay Delta Plan. It calls for the diversion of Merced River water away eastern Merced County and sends it toward the Bay Delta. This will affect anyone in the region with a water faucet in their home, as well as local farmers. Each year, water flowing through MID’s waterways helps replenish up to 140,000 acre feet of local groundwater. This contributes significantly to maintaining useful drinking water quality to rural residents, small communities and cities alike.

MID Water Quality

Unlike many other parts of the state with access to state and federal water projects, our community is dependent on the Merced River and its replenishment of groundwater replenishment. Please take a moment to download a letter to Governor Brown and share your concerns about our water quality. Economic Impact Report. To learn more about the alternative approach to the Bay Delta Water Plan, visit mercedriversafeplan.org


Salty Drinking Water

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