Guidelines and Application 

1. Submit application, net metering agreement, interconnection agreement, a single line diagram, net metering equipment specification sheet, and a copy of the system contract and/or sales proposal. A $600 application fee will also be required in the form of a check.

2. The application can be mailed to:
Energy Resources/Solar PV
3321 Franklin Road
Merced, CA 95340

Solar Panels on home

3. Email to Solar@mercedid.orgcreate new email

4. MID will process the application packet. Merced Irrigation District will then issue an approval to proceed with construction if all requirements are satisfied.

5. MID will perform an inspection (after the City/County Code inspection). MID will have a meter placed for the new PV system. Customers will receive a Permission to Operate (PTO) once the installation has been inspected and approved. Systems may not be turned on until PTO has been issued.

6. MID will establish a customer account.

You can access and download the Photovoltaic System Application HERE.opens PDF file

NET ENERGY METERING — The net energy metering rate schedule is applicable to all residential, small commercial (under 20 kW), commercial, industrial, or agricultural customers, who use a solar electrical generating facility with a capacity of not more than one megawatt that is located on the customer’s owned, leased, or rented premises, is interconnected and operates in parallel with the District’s electric grid, and is intended primarily to offset part or all of the customer’s own electrical requirements.

opens in a new windowNEM 1.0 RATEopens PDF file – CLOSED TO NEW APPLICATIONS

opens in a new windowNEM 2.0 RATEopens PDF file – OPEN TO NEW APPLICATIONS

Interested in learning more about our solar rates?


Solar Technician
744 W. 20th Street, Merced, CA  95340
PHONE:   (209) 354-2857

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