Ceiling Fan – $20 Cash Rebate!

Download a copy of our Residential Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Application Here.

Curious how much energy you’re using? View our simple home energy guide.

Purchase and install an ENERGY STAR® ceiling fan and receive a $20 cash rebate.  Approved fan/light combinations have improved motors and blade designs that make them about 50 percent more efficient, saving you $15 to $20 a year on your energy bill.*  If your fan doesn’t have lighting, make sure to buy an ENERGY STAR® qualified light kit.  These provide efficient, long-lasting light.  Also, be sure to choose the right size fan for the room.

Solar Panels on home
MID Ceiling Fan
Square Footage Fan Size
Up to 75 sq ft 29-36″
76-144 sq ft 36-42″
144-225 sq ft 44″
225-400 sq ft 50-54″

Whole House Fan – $100 Cash Rebate!

A whole house fan is more economical and energy-saving than a conventional central air conditioner.  A qualifying unit must move at least 1,000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) and be permanently installed.

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