Energy Depot

Energy DepotTo help residential customers lower their electric bills, Merced Irrigation District offers Energy Depot, a self-audit system. By inputting simple billing information into this system, you can see how much energy you are using and you will be given tips on where you can conserve energy to reduce your energy costs.


Energy Depot can help you:

  • Build a customized energy profile of your home, using your heating/cooling system and your appliances.
  • Estimate energy costs for each home energy system and appliance.
  • Learn specific actions you can take to slash your energy use, and find out exactly how much energy each action will save.
  • Do a room-by-room home energy check-up – just like an energy pro – and get a detailed report online, instantly.
  • Make smarter buying decisions. For example: Compare your existing heating and cooling system to several more energy-efficient replacement systems. Energy Depot will calculate how soon the energy you save will pay back the cost of the new system.
  • Get answers to all your questions about home energy use in the Energy Library.

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