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Renewable Energy
MID did Go Green and is a strong supporter and advocate of clean, renewable energy. Since its inception, MID has maintained a steady eye on the future. That philosophy holds just as true today as it did in the earliest days of the District’s formation. We are committed to providing the most affordable clean energy possible, to protect our environment now and for future generations. MID produces up to 110 megawatts of zero-emission hydroelectric energy. Additionally, MID holds contracts for wind energy produced by Iberdrola Renewables, and is proud to be the first public utility to sponsor the University of California Advanced Solar Technologies Institute based at UC Merced. We offer individual solar programs that provide monetary incentives for both home and business. 

MID Supports Merced College Lighting Improvements with $85,100 R ebate

In January 2013, Merced Irrigation District delivered a rebate check to Merced College totaling $85,158 for improvements made to the school’s lighting system.MID Energy RebatesThe lighting project involved retrofitting more than 7,000 light fixtures and is expected to reduce the College’s energy usage by 1.2 million kilowatt-hours per year. This represents an annual savings of approximately $137,000. The rebate was made available through a state program requiring money be made available for projects that reduce energy usage and increase efficiency. “This is a great day for MID and for Merced College,” said Don Ouchley, deputy general manager of MID Energy Resources. “Merced College has been a longtime customer. We are pleased they have been able to reduce both the college’s operating costs and its energy consumption.” 

MID Supports Solar Institute at UC Merced

Risk Management Committee Members provide the framework for the identification, measurement, management, control, monitoring and reporting of the financial risks incurred by MID in procuring and purchasing market or contract wholesale electric power supply for its Energy Resources Department. Under the District’s Risk Management Program, the Board has authorized physical and financial transactions for various energy products. The overall goals of the Risk Management Program are to support MID’s financial goals relative to rates, customer growth, financial strength and financial risk.  Issues typically discussed in Risk Management Committee meetings include national and regional  trends In the natural gas and electricity markets, long and short term forecasts of MID system loads (including positive and negative growth trends), and hedging positions needed to be entered into per the Risk Management Policy. Meetings of the Risk Management Committee are scheduled quarterly and generally occur on the on the last Tuesday of the month in March, June, September and December. Agendas are posted at the District office and on the District website.

South Korean Students visit MID’s clean energy hydroelectric generator at Lake McSwain

Go Green with Merced Irrigation DistrictAs part of its ongoing efforts to promote and educate the public about renewable energy, Merced Irrigation District hosted approximately 20 South Korean engineering students in July 2012. A tour of MID’s hydroelectric project and related facilities was provided in conjunction with the University of California Advanced Solar Technologies Institute headquartered at UC Merced. 

Green Campus for Students Saves Energy

MID Green Campus for students save energyMerced County Office of Education and Merced Irrigation District jointly announced the opening of Valley Community School in Atwater. The school’s modern technology makes it the most eco-friendly school campus in Merced County. It will be powered by an on-site 26 kilowatt solar system. The new green campus will save the school district $5,800 per year in energy costs. Additionally, MID is providing a $70,000 rebate for installation of the solar project. 


Shade Tree Giveaway Program

MID Tree GiveawayMID’s periodic Shade Tree Giveaway Program is one of our most loved programs by the community and our utility customers. Trees Save Energy when properly selected, planted and cared for, trees can cool your home naturally, reducing your energy costs within a few years. Full-grown, well-placed trees can cut your home cooling costs by up to 40 percent. Trees do more than shade your home; Trees enhance your home and add value. They also produce oxygen to clean the air, capture rainwater, stabilize the soil and provide habitat for birds.  To learn more about this program please contact MID Customer Service at 209-722-3041.

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