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MID eMeter managereMeter Manager is a tool provided by the District to our customers who have a demand of 300kW or above and who are equipped with an interval data recorder (IDR) meter. The IDR meter records energy usage and demand in 15-minute intervals and stores that data in its memory.  Each night, the meter is polled through a phone line and the data is posted into eMeter Manager. Through this link, a customer can view a graph of their usage history and can also download the interval data for analysis. This facilitates a more hands-on approach to energy management, by providing customers with better and more timely information.

Please contact our Customer Programs Manager to setup your eMeter Manger Account.

opens in a new windowIf you already have an eMeter Manager account, click HERE and login on the Automated Energy website.


Customer Programs Manager
PHONE:   209-354-2819opens phone dialer
E-MAIL:  emaldonado@mercedid.org

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