Flows on the Merced River to further increase as temperatures rise

Merced, CA. May 14, 2024 – The Merced Irrigation District is again warning the public of significant increases in the flow of the Merced River below its facilities of New Exchequer and McSwain dams. Flows this week are increasing from 2,600 cubic feet per second to 3,500 cubic feet per second or more. High flows are expected to continue throughout May and may vary as the snowmelt makes its way downstream. 

The controlled releases of water from Lake McClure are the result of rising temperatures and increased snowmelt in the Sierra Nevada reaching streams and rivers. 

“While  we are experiencing these high-flow releases in the river, the warning remains the same,” said MID Deputy General Manager Hicham ElTal. “The river is cold, fast and dangerous. Again, under no circumstances should anyone enter the river for any reason at this time.”

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