MID has been working on the New Exchequer Storage Enhancement proposal for several years. Lake McClure has a water storage capacity of approximately 1 million acre feet of water. The project would raise the spillways of New Exchequer Dam, allowing for up to an additional 57,000 acre feet of carryover water storage. The recently passed national WIIN-WRDA water infrastructure legislation marks a major milestone in the effort to help move the project forward.

One provision authorizes the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to accept non-federal funding to pay for review of water infrastructure projects which improve storm-water capture. A second provision authorizes the Army Corps of Engineers to prioritize a review of reservoir operations manuals in drought states upon request of the governor. Significant work remains remains. However, MID the WIIN/WRDA provisions mark a significant milestone in the ongoing effort.

Among the benefits of expanding storage are capturing storm water for beneficial use in dry yeasr

  • Capturing storm water for beneficial use in dry years
  • Enhanced flood protection Increased recreation opportunities
  • Potential for local groundwater recharge Increased production of clean hydroelectric energy

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