Update on the MID relicensing of the
Merced River Hydroelectric Project

Merced Irrigation District (MID) is in the process of renewing its Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licenses for the 101.25 megawatt (MW) Merced River Hydroelectric Project, FERC Project Number 2179 and the 3.4 MW Merced Falls Hydroelectric Project, FERC Project Number 2467, both located on the Merced River near Snelling in Mariposa County. The Merced River Project consists of two reservoirs (Lake McClure formed by New Exchequer Dam and Lake McSwain formed by McSwain Dam), two powerhouses (New Exchequer and McSwain), and associated recreation facilities. The Merced Falls Project consists of one reservoir (Merced Falls formed by Merced Falls Dam), one powerhouse (Merced Falls), and associated recreation facilities.


Public documents related to each relicensing are available on FERC’s eLibrary at https://elibrary.ferc.gov/eLibrary/ under docket P-2179 for the Merced River Project and docket P-2467 for the Merced Falls Project.  Direct links to some of the more important relicensing documents are provided below:




For additional information related to the relicensings, contact Bryan Kelly, Deputy General Manager – Water Resources, at 209-354-2810 or bkelly@mercedid.org.

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