Finance and Administration Committee

The Finance and Administration Committee is a designated standing Committee that holds public meetings and works with staff to make recommendations to the Board of Directors on Budgets, Fiscal/Financial Polices and Administration Polices, including authorized staffing levels. Meetings of the Finance and Administration Committee are typically held the 2nd Tuesday of every other month beginning in January of each year. Agendas are posted at the District office and on the District website.

Risk Management Committee

Risk Management Committee Members provide the framework for the identification, measurement, management, control, monitoring and reporting of the financial risks incurred by MID in procuring and purchasing market or contract wholesale electric power supply for its Energy Resources Department. Under the District’s Risk Management Program, the Board has authorized physical and financial transactions for various energy products. The overall goals of the Risk Management Program are to support MID’s financial goals relative to rates, customer growth, financial strength and financial risk.  

Issues typically discussed in Risk Management Committee meetings include national and regional  trends In the natural gas and electricity markets, long and short term forecasts of MID system loads (including positive and negative growth trends), and hedging positions needed to be entered into per the Risk Management Policy.

Meetings of the Risk Management Committee are scheduled quarterly and generally occur on the last Tuesday of the month in March, June, September and December. Agendas are posted at the District office and on the District website.

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