Reports & Technical Memorandums

MID Hydrologic and Hydraulic Optimization Model (MIDH20) Report

Merced River Watershed: Climate Change Impact Report 

Seasonal Forecasting of Lake McClureInflow: Preliminary Feasibility Study 

MIDH2O Symposium - October 3, 2018


Symposium Presentations:

MIDH2O Overview


Technical Achievements

HEC Update – HEC WAT


Hydrology & Calibration

MIDH2O RES-Sim & Demand Analysis

Custom Scripting

Gridded PX Temperature Adjustment

Snow Modeling in the CNRFC

Impacts of Fires on Runoff

Flood-Managed Aquifer Recharge

Folsom Dam Operations

Lake Yosemite Dam Inundation Study

Spatial Analysis for Water Resources at UC Merced

Hydrologic Climate Indices

WISKI Integration

MIDH2O Symposium Vision & Next Steps


MIDH2O Symposium - September 19, 2017


Symposium Presentations:

MIDH2O Overview


Real-Time Flow/Stage Forecasting, Inundation Mapping & Decision Support with CWMS 3.0/HEC-RTS 3.0

Data Sources & Challenges

LiDAR/Topobathymetric LiDAR

Custom Weather Forecasting

Solutions for Water Industries

Real-Time Forecasting Using WISKI and HEC-RTS

Forecast-Coordinated Operations

Merced River HEC-HMS

HEC-ResSim: Overview & Use with MIDH2O Model


HEC-RAS Development

Evapotranspiration Evaluation

Monitoring & Modeling Precipitation

MIDH20 Year Review

Climate Change Evaluation

California Energy Markets Overview

MIDH2O Future Enhancements

Custom Automated Output 

For more information about MIDH2O, please contact MID's Marco Bell at mbell@mercedid.org


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