California's Bay Delta Water Grab

  Drought conditions would occur much more frequently at Lake McClure as a result of the Bay Delta SED.

The latest news on the Bay Delta Plan SED
In December 2018, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted its Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan and SED. The Plan intends to divert up to half the water flowing down the Merced River away from Lake McClure and instead send it north to the Bay-Delta. The Bay-Delta is the state’s water hub, providing fresh water to large parts of the Bay Area, the Central Valley and Southern California. Lake McClure is a major source of water supply for eastern Merced County. Diverting water away from our region would have tremendous impacts on the local water supply, environment and economy. MID has filed a lawsuit seeking to block implementation of the State’s Bay Delta Plan SED and challenging its legality.

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Members of our community and MID have both provided hundreds of comments and scientific input to the State Water Board in recent years. Merced Irrigation District has advocated the Merced River S.A.F.E. Plan as an alternative to the Bay Delta Plan SED. The S.A.F.E. Plan would have provided increased flows on the Merced River at reasonable times, improved nearby salmon habitat and made improvements to the local salmon hatchery. MID had attempted to negotiate with the State and various stakeholders but was forced to abandon negotiations when it became clear the only interest was diverting half the water flowing into Lake McClure and sending it elsewhere.

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