Vendors - Doing Business with MID

Vendor selection shall be based upon the vendor’s ability to provide goods or services to the District at the best value as required by the needs of the District and the Public Contract Code (20560-20570).  

The District maintains the following principles to ensure sound business practices and a continuous supply of quality goods and services to the District at the best value while promoting long-term, ethical relationships with vendors.

  • Ensure the continuous supply of goods and services as needed.
  • Develop reliable alternate sources of supply to meet District requirements.
  • Purchase proper goods and services at the best value without sacrificing the quality needed.
  • Resolve complaints on all purchased goods and services through equitable solutions.
  • Handle with confidentiality all proprietary information submitted by vendors.
  • Comply with antitrust laws and with all other applicable laws without qualification or evasion.
  • Guard against the misappropriation of assets that have been acquired through the effective management of inventories.

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