Interested in becoming a solar customer?

Rate Information:

Net Energy Metering 2.0 (NEM2.0) was adoptied in spring of 2019 following numerous public hearings. Under MID’s new rates, new residential solar customers falling under the NEM 2.0 program will see a fixed customer charge of $65. The fixed customer charge is generally associated with the costs of owning, operating and maintaining MID’s electric infrastructure. The customer charge also allows us to collect the costs of maintaining standby electricity for solar customers through MID’s infrastructure.

To download a copy of the  NEM 2.0 rate schedule, please use the following link:  ELECTRIC SERVICE SCHEDULE NEM 2.0

Interested in learning more about our solar rates?  Solar rates explained - VIDEO

Application Process:

1. Submit application, net metering agreement, interconnection agreement, a single line diagram, net metering equipment specifications sheet, and a copy of the system contract and/or sales proposal.  A $600 application fee will also be required.  Applications can be submitted electronically.  

2. MID will review the application packet. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Applicatons are considered complete and ready for review once all items listed above have been submitted.  

3. A pre-construction meeting will be scheduled on site prior to the system installation.

4.  MID will issue approval to move forward with construction upon completion of the meeting if all other requirements are satisfied.

5. MID will perform the MID PV inspection (after the City/County Code inspection).  A copy of the "green tag" must be submitted to MID in order to schedule the inpspection. 

6. MID will have meter placed for new PV system. Customers will receive Permission to Operate (PTO) once the installation has been inspected and approved.  Systems may not be turned on until PTO has been issued.

7. MID will establish a customer-generator electric utility account pursuant to the Photovoltaic Interconnection Agreement and issue Permission to Operate (PTO) to the customer.

You can access and download the Photovoltaic System Application  HERE.



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