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Public Power
On June 23, 1926, the hydroelectric generators first began turning on Exchequer Dam, providing wholesale power throughout California. In May of 1996, the District began selling electricity to its first customer. Today, MID serves publicly-owned electricity to more than 10,000 residents and businesses in eastern Merced County.

Benefits of Public Power
Public power means that there are no profits – it also means local decision making. Unlike investor-owned utilities, there are no stock shares and no dividends. Power is provided “at the cost of service” with no-markups. The revenue generated by MID is returned to the benefit of all electric customers through investments in the electric system and providing the lowest possible rates.

Renewable Energy 
MID is a strong supporter and advocate of clean, renewable energy. Since its inception, MID has maintained a steady eye on the future. That philosophy holds just as true today as it did in the earliest days of the District’s formation. We are committed to providing the most affordable clean energy possible, to protect our environment now and for future generations. MID produces up to 110 megawatts of zero-emission hydroelectric energy. Additionally, MID holds contracts for wind energy produced by Iberdrola Renewables and is proud to be the first public utility to sponsor and partner with the University of California Advanced Solar Technologies Institute based at UC Merced.  CLICK HERE to Learn More. 

Energy Savings Tips
The Merced Irrigation District is dedicated to helping its residential customers keep their electric bills low. Buying  ENERGY STAR appliances is a great way to cut your energy costs and help conserve energy. In addition to purchasing ENERGY STAR appliances, we offer simple tips to reduce energy and spending. CLICK HERE to Learn More.

Energy Depot
Want to lower your electric bills? Merced Irrigation District offers Energy Depot, a self-audit system. By inputting simple billing information into this system, you can see how much energy you are using and you will be given personalized tips on where you can conserve energy to reduce your energy costs. CLICK HERE to Learn More.

Energy for Kids:
Energy Poster Contest. Print and color the MID "Make the Switch" poster, return it to Merced Irrigation District's Main office during office hours and win a cool prize.
CLICK HERE to download the poster.

Energy Star for Kids website
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