eMeter Manager

eMeter Manager

eMeter Manager is a tool provided by the District to our customers who have a demand of 300kW or above and who are equipped with an interval data recorder (IDR) meter. The IDR meter records energy usage and demand in 15-minute intervals and stores that data in its memory.  Each night, the meter is polled through a phone line and the data is posted into eMeter Manager. Through this link, a customer can view a graph of their usage history and can also download the interval data for analysis. This facilitates a more hands-on approach to energy management, by providing customers with better and more timely information.

Please contact our Key Accounts Manager to setup your eMeter Manager Account.

If you already have an eMeter Manager account, click HERE and login on the Automated Energy website.


Key Accounts Manager
744 W. 20th Street, Merced, CA  95340
PHONE:   (209) 354-2819
E-MAIL:  emaldonado@mercedid.org


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